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              Time for Nature: World Environmental Day, Dongfang Electronics in Action!
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              Under the guidance of the strategy “Sharpened Mode” and based on our vision of “ Cherish Our Environment, Save Resources”, Dongfang Electronics has been committed to create a strong and superior business of environmental protection and energy conservation in recent years. Relying on the strong arsenal of technology in terms of smart grids and automation, we have opened up the entire chain for comprehensive energy management by extending our business from electric power to water, fuel gas, refrigeration, heating, energy storage and furtherto the ecological system for customer energy consumption, that is, provide comprehensive energy conservation and profit-increasing service to the customers of energy consumption on the basis of energy-analysis-management-oriented energy conservation plans.

              01  Comprehensive Energy Service

              In the field of comprehensive energy service, Dongfang Electronics provides comprehensive energy service to parks, enterprises and buildings based on its expertise precipitation for years as well as its advantages in system integration, and improves the level of energy comprehensive utilization greatly through organic coordination and optimization in the generation, transfer, distribution, transformation, storage, consumption and other links of energy .

               Science popularization: With the development of the Internet and information technology, renewable energy technology as well as the speed-up of the progress for electric power reform, implementation of comprehensive energy service has become the important development direction for improving energy efficiency, decreasing energy consumption cost and promoting competition and cooperation.

              Comprehensive energy service cloud platform, electric car charging service platform and smart energy station remote control platform are integrated in the Blue Wise Valley “Comprehensive Energy Service Center” managed by Dongfang Electronics, where dedicated operators carry out real-time monitoring, control and commanding as well as in-time handling of anomalies and faults through IoT, big data, cloud service and other new-generation information technologies. Project customers are provided with fault early alarming, energy efficiency improvement, energy asset management and other value-added services through big data analysis. Panoramic and visualized smart scheduling and optimized operation which feature multi-energy complementation and high coordination are utilized in the comprehensive energy service to achieve quality and efficiency improvement for customer energy consumption, the lowest carbon emission and the optimal comprehensive cost.

               ▲ On June 1, 2020, Premier Li Keqiang visited Yantan Blue Wise Valley

              In March, 2020, China’s first “Industrial Park Multi-element User Interaction Power Distribution System Key Technology Investigation and Demonstration Project” which is listed in “The 13th Five-Year Plan” National Key R&D Program was released in Guangdong Province, thus to escort the fight against COVID-19 and safety in work resumption.

              This system product is available for overall perception, analysis, control and management of enterprise energy system, thus to achieve highly effective energy utilization and decreased energy consumption cost; it is also available to achieve an overall energy conservation of 20%~40% for the central air-conditioning system, orderly management of high-power electric equipment clusters and in this manner to keep the total peak value of equipment cluster load within the specified range. Remarkable economic benefit and favorable social response are received when the technology is applied in Guangzhou Conghua Mingzhu Industrial Part (which covers an area of 39.43 square meters and features multiple industrial clusters including biological medicine, food product, chemical industry, etc.).

              The achievements of this project is successfully used in Dongguan Songshan Lake Smart Energy Ecological System Platform which integrates the characteristics of safety, reliability, low carbon emission, high efficiency, digital power grid, openness and sharing, thus providing strong and solid energy security to the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

              ▲Guangzhou Conghua Mingzhu Industrial Park Project with Dongfang Electronics’ participation for construction

              02  Energy Conservation and Consumption Reduction Management

              In the field of energy conservation and consumption management, Dongfang Electronics provides customized and integrated solutions to the customers based on different industries and requirements, such as comprehensive energy conservation, energy management, etc., thus helping the enterprises to save energy, reduce emission, improve energy utilization efficiency, save energy and reduce emission to the maximum extent, protect the environment and reduce the costs and expenses.
              ▲On June, 2, Premier Li Keqiang visited Haier and listened to the introduction of Haier Industrial Internet Platform COSMOPLAT. The part for comprehensive energy management of this platform is provided by Dongfang Electronics.▲Smart Energy General Control Project of Haier Group with construction led by Dongfang Electronics

              Energy conservation which amounts to about 100 million RMB was achieved for Haier Group in the first year when the project of “Smart Energy Comprehensive Management System” was completed by Dongfang Electronics. Using computer networking technology, real-time database technology as well as data analysis and prediction technology, Dongfang Electronics implements centralized and flat dynamic monitoring and digital management over the production, transfer, distribution and consumption of “electricity, water, gas, heat” and other energy media of the enterprise as well as the status of power-supply and power-consumption equipment, thus improving and optimizing the energy balance. The Smart Energy General Control Project of Haier Group with construction led by Dongfang Electronics has become the smart energy management platform which is the largest in China and in the leading position around the world. The project also won the “2019 Energy Management Insight Award” issued by UN.

              Large-scale comprehensive energy management customers including Inner Mongolia Meng Niu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd., Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd., GWM, Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., Liuguo Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., China Meheco Topfond Pharma Co., Ltd., etc. are continuously developed by the company; the idea of overall and systematic energy conservation relying on mass data analysis by Dongfang Electronics is highly recognized by the jury of experts within the industry, with which the waste of energy is reduced and huge expenses due to energy consumption are saved for the enterprise, therefore, the idea has become the “benchmark” of the industry.

              03  Port Shore Power

              In recent years, the construction of shore power facilities is growing rapidly with the release of relevant national policies. The development of port shore power can effectively reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, improve labor efficiency, reduce fuel cost and equipment operation/maintenance cost, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the wharf and deal with climate change effectively.▲ “Shore-based Variable-frequency Power Supply System” developed independently by Dongfang Electronics

              High-voltage shore-based power supply developed independently by Dongfang Electronics is used in the construction of Yantai Shore-based Variable-frequency Power Supply Project. The project is the first port high-voltage variable-frequency shore-based power supply project in Shandong Province, which is available to cover 30 10,000-ton berths and satisfy the electricity demand of the ships in the entire Yantai Port; in addition, the problem of waste gas pollution caused by fuel burning for power generation by the auxiliary engines of the ships in the wharf is thus solved and notable effect of energy conservation and emission reduction is achieved. The company won the bidding for “East Port Ro-Ro Passenger Wharf Shore-based Power Supply System of Penglai Port” in this April, after winning the bidding for “ Yantai Port Container Wharf Shore-based Power Supply System” in this February, which aims to provide low-cost and eco-friendly energy for the ships in the wharf as well as operation and maintenance service to the shore-based power supply facilities.

              04  Power Substitution and Charging Pile

              The rapid development of electric cars is in accordance with the requirements of new energy substitution and power substitution, which can effectively solve the problems of energy crisis and environment pollution. The series smart charging products developed by Dongfang Electronics for electric cars has provided strong support for the implementation of new energy industrial policies.  ▲Project of Charging Pile for Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge with Dongfang Electronics’ participation for construction

              In 2018, for the Project of Charging Pile for Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao, Bridge,Dongfang Electronics built the charging management platform and the power energy collection terminal on the artificial island at the port of Zhuhai end of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, which provide technical support to the green operation and power guarantee of the bridge. In addition, within Guangdong Province alone, Dongfang Electronics has extended its charging pile business to 14 cities including Zhaoqing, Zhuhai, etc.

              Besides, Dongfang Electronics’ charging pile testing equipment enjoys the coverage of Shandong, Qinghai, Henan, Tibet, Fujian, Gansu, Heilongjiang, Beijing, Xinjiang, Jiangxi, Hebei, Jibei, Shanghai, Tianjin, etc., which provides technical support for the safe operation of charging piles.

              05  Power Quality Management

              Facing the fact of rapid growth of power demand, China has issued multiple policies to speed up the development, promotion and application of energy conservation transformers. Our power quality monitoring and management system, energy conservation transformer and reactive power compensation equipment can effectively improve the quality of power and achieve notable energy conservation effect.
              Currently, Dongfang Electronics has built multiple power quality management systems including Yantai Penglai International Airport Power Quality Management Project, Sichuan Chengdu Electric Car Charging Station Power Quality Management Project, Shandong Riwan Electric Car Charging Station Power Quality Management Project, etc.

               “Cherish Our Environment, Save Resources” is a vivid practice of business implementation of Dongfang Electronics. Based on the idea of “Leading Technology, Leading Quality, Leading Cost, First-class Efficiency” to build the competitive advantages in the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, Dongfang Electronics continuously improve the systematic solutions and work hardly to forge national first-class comprehensive energy service and innovation base, demonstration base and practice base, thus to further assist in the green development, construct open and sharing energy service ecological system, cherish the nature and contribute to the protection of the biological diversity.

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