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              Yang Hengkun: Advance with the times
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              New Year Greetings

              Facing the severe risks and challenges at home and abroad, we forged ahead and kept making new great achievements in 2019.

              In 2019, we were amazed by internet business model innovation. In 2019, we examined business cultures of different regions, and felt the expansion of the economic gap between southern China and northern China more keenly. In 2019, we developed steadily while experiencing the sweets and bitters from driving force conversion in struggle.

              In 2019, we implemented the strategic concept of "new era, new pattern, new products, new industries" in depth, planned ahead, developed steadily and achieved two-digit growth for the 12th consecutive year. In 2019, we achieved brilliant results at all levels, created the ultimate "Jingjin" model amid economic chaos, further bolstered "Jingjin" marketing, "Jingjin" R&D, “Jingjin” quality, “Jingjin” supply chain and other platforms, indicated direction and planned ahead for corporate development.

              In 2019, we accomplished the mission of power supply to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, to polish the title of "power supply expert" once again.

              In 2019, we obtained professional test qualifications from State Grid Corporation of China for over 50 types of equipment and units to overcome bidding obstacles.

              In 2019, we achieved brilliant results in technical innovation: Our key R&D project under Program 863 passed the in-process inspection; our 10kV electronic sensor was selected as an "IoT Integrated Innovation and Application Project-Key Technology Breakthrough" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the only of its kind in Shandong; the success in the fault self-recovery of the main distribution station in Foshan marks that we have been at the forefront of intelligent distribution network technology at home; we achieved breakthrough in IoT in new industries such as railway scheduling, smart port and medical insurance payouts; our smart communities made their ways into numerous households; our patrol robots stood guard for customers; our situation awareness system constantly surprised customers…

              In 2019, we operated steadily and continued to enhance competitiveness in overseas markets. In India, we deepened cooperation with customers and got better in contract quality and benefit after years of operations. In Malaysia, we increased our share in the market of power transmission and distribution monitoring systems to 40 percent. In Cote d'Ivoire, Ukraine, Tajikistan and other countries, we achieved new breakthrough in operation and maintenance.

              In 2019, Dongfang Jingjin College was inaugurated with the aim of building a knowledge-based employee training platform. We were honored as the "Best Chinese Employer in 2019" by authorities and reached a new level in human resources construction. Our positive corporate culture was highly recognized by employees and the society.

              In 2019, we successfully organized the 13th DFE Cup Customer Article Solicitation Competition, and delivered several technical forums and professional committee meetings in Yantai, Lanzhou, Kunming and other cities, with our industrial influence growing significantly and our brand reputation and customer loyalty improving constantly…

              People always think that everything is depressed in chilly winter, but some trees bud in northern China with a clear distinction of four seasons in winter. As it is a common sense that spring begins in winter just as dawn is born at night.

              Rome was not built in a day; no pains, no gains. Experienced sailors cannot be trained in a calm sea. There is no breathtaking scenery on a short journey.

              We have experienced ups and downs of the market, and feared no hardships over the 61 years. We have forged ahead in struggle, fought in innovation and built up a strong body, which is the spiritual totem of every generation of DFE people.

              We went hand in hand in 2019. It is with the great attention, concerted efforts and strong support of leaders at all levels, customers, all employees and relatives that we have stayed calm and advanced smoothly amid the economic slump.

              Grateful to you in 2019!

              In 2020, we will align ourselves with top industrial enterprises, sharpen our skills, further keep up our spirit, and march towards the goal of technical leadership, quality leadership, cost leadership and top efficiency.

              We believe that the goal of building a century-old enterprise with an output value of 10 billion yuan will be achieved as early as possible, as long as we find out market needs with customers as the center, change as needed, and make unremitting efforts with the spirit of innovation, passion, collaboration and integrity.

              On the eve of the Spring Festival, on behalf of DFE's senior management, I wish leaders at all levels, our customers and partners, all employees and their relatives happiness, good health and a happy holiday!

              (Yang Hengkun, President of Dongfang Electronics Corporation)

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