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              Yantai Daily | “Big Data” Platform of Dongfang Electronics: the “Super Brain” Behind 7 Million Nucleic Acid Testing Data
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              Recently, in response to the urgent work deployment of municipal party committee and municipal government of Yantai to immediately carry out city-wide nucleic acid testing, Dongfang Electronics Corporation (hereafter referred to as DFE) set up a task force consisting of capable talents overnight to cooperate with Yantai Big Data Bureau by putting the big data platform into use for city-wide nucleic acid testing and making every effort to ensure the normal operation of the nucleic acid testing system.

              Yantai Daily published “Super Brain” Behind 7 million Nucleic Acid Testing Data on the front page to introduce the “big data” platform of DFE. How can the “big data” platform of DFE accurately guide and contribute to the fight of epidemic prevention and control? Please read the report in Yantai Daily——

              Yantai Daily published the anti-epidemic story of DFE with the “big data” platform on the front page on August 15  

              On July 31, the first case of delta variant in Yantai was confirmed. The action of city-wide nucleic acid testing might be started at any moment. In the face of this formidable task, there were also a group of “soldiers” who provided technical support behind the scenes, in addition to the struggle of medical staff and front-line workers.

              As a leading enterprise in big data application in Yantai City and even Shandong Province, DFE gives full play to its own advantages and makes full use of modern digital technology in many aspects such as big data analysis and cloud platform support to contribute to the fight of epidemic prevention and control.

              With the big data platform for city-wide nucleic acid testing launched in the early morning, 7 million nucleic acid testing data collected within 48 hours, the data of 400,000 people collected every hour at the peak, and 2,000 people trained on site, DFE has handed over this “anti-epidemic challenge” in the face of the sudden outbreak of the epidemic. They were called to come over an order just to ensure that no one would be ignored during the “city-wide nucleic acid testing”. They have established an invisible front. They act as guardians during the “epidemic prevention and control war” with technology. Their touching deeds will be remembered by us forever.

              The data platform was launched shortly after the fight against “epidemic” started

              On August 3, early in the morning, the lights in the R & D Hall of intelligent video department of DFE suddenly lit up.

               “We came to the company shortly after receiving the notice and urgently set up a task force to cooperate with Yantai Big Data Bureau by putting the big data platform into use for city-wide nucleic acid testing and making every effort to ensure the normal operation of the nucleic acid testing system.” Tian Jun, an engineer of intelligent video department in DFE was still very excited when he recalled. “Time was tight and the task was heavy. We knew we had to race against time!”

              In July 2021, big data platform for city-wide nucleic acid testing, which had just undergone three rounds of simulation operation, was entrusted with the mission. However, at the initial stage, there were such a large number of people on the line in some areas that system instability occurred. In order to ensure the continuous and smooth operation of the platform, the technical guarantee team with 44 members decided to move “home” to the company.  “Everyone has slept less than 4 hours a day in the recent week. The leaders and staff of the municipal Big Data Bureau also worked with us at the development site without stop.” Qu Yang, an engineer of intelligent video department in DFE, said.

              Their silent persistence leads to “lightning speed” of personnel information input, for which it only takes 10 seconds for people to swipe their ID cards at each sampling site, and the “hard core support” for automatic generation of all information in the background and accurate matching of collected samples. They have created the “super brain” for data analysis and statistics of 7 million people in 48 hours and they are the invisible “backbone” behind the scenes.

              With technology “in place”, “our goal is not one less”

              Facing the task of nucleic acid testing for the people of the whole city, it is the top priority to ensure standardized operation of the system by the front-line personnel to improve the efficiency of on-site testing. Cui Chuanmin, who have been working for 7 days in a row, has recently been responsible for “answering consultation calls” and platform operation training. “Basically, no call of the previous day can be seen the next day. I have responded to all of them every day. There are about 500 to 600 calls. It’s common to receive tasks in the early morning.” Both online support and offline training are required. “Most of the trainings were in the early morning, and the latest one ended at 2 a.m.” Cui Chuanmin said.

              During the interview, the reporter saw that the data platform was still monitoring the trend of the epidemic in real time, and Jiang Jun, a team member, was checking the latest data. “Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all of them can be spotted and none of them will be ignored.”

              They tried to support operation and maintenance during the day, and carried out targeted development, optimization and upgrading at night. They have fearlessly set up this advanced “big data platform” and built an accurate “load-bearing wall” for epidemic prevention and control in our city.

              Locating Them in the crowd, we are also responsible for “looking for people”

              As a high-tech enterprise supported by Shandong Province, DFE also undertakes another important task – “looking for people”, looking for people who come back from the epidemic areas, and providing source technical support for accurate epidemic prevention.

              As we all know, on July 20, nine staff members of Nanjing Lukou International Airport tested positive for the Delta variant of Covid-19. In the following days, the epidemic also outbroke in Zhangjiajie, Yangzhou and other places successively. Looking for people returning to Shandong from those high-risk areas became an urgent task to control the spread of the epidemic in our province. Relying on the Verification and Supervision System provided by Haiyi Software under DFE, Shandong Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters urgently started the investigation and tracking work in the whole province to find the target people by technical means. After receiving the mission, Haiyi Software immediately sent a technical team of more than 10 technicians to the Shandong Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters. Li Baiquan, general manager of public security product line of Haiyi Software, said that this task was extremely urgent. More than a dozen colleagues slept at the development site to advance the work 24 hours a day without stop. Finally, after over 20 days of continuous work, “they” (people returning to Shandong from those high-risk areas ) haven been found from tens of millions of mobile personnel.

              Though under quarantine and enclosed, we are proud and working hard

              During this outbreak, close contacts in Huayi Medical Cosmetology in Yantai Development Zone have scattered in many areas. In order to ensure that all close contacts were found, the technicians of Haiyi Software cooperated with relevant departments and found all the Close Contacts who had entered Huayi Medical Cosmetology by using big data + face recognition technology.

              These technicians came into contact with “high-risk equipment” to extract data, only for the sake of finding close contacts as quickly as possible and ensuring effective control of the epidemic. The head of Haiyi Software told the reporter that two of their colleagues were still in unified quarantine in the Development Zone, and 10 colleagues stationed in the provincial prevention and control headquarters were under closed development in Jinan. Although they were “quarantined or enclosed”, their work continued normally. “They are basically busy with their work without stop, and we can even receive their calls in the early morning. During the isolation period, they can’t go home. Each of them has overcome their own difficulties and are working hard for the epidemic prevention and control.” The narrow isolation space and closed R & D room can’t stop the “responsibility” overflowing in their hearts.

               “This is a tough battle involving the whole people. 12 colleagues asked me to take a message. Though they were ‘advancing against the wind’, they were particularly proud, thinking that they could contribute to the fight against the epidemic,” Li Baiquan said.

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