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              The first distribution network command system of Dongfang Electronics Corporation (DEC): opening a new interactive mode of intelligent regulation and control of power distribution network
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              To improve the service quality of power dispatching business, enhance the distribution network dispatching command and control ability, and standardize the business process of distribution network dispatching control, DEC has explored and built a distribution network dispatching command and control system (hereinafter referred to as the system) based on "China Southern Power Grid Mobile Application Platform 2.0", and successfully realized the whole process regulation and control of distribution network dispatching business recently.

              I. Strong comprehensiveness of dispatching business

              Technologies such as message queue and AJAX are applied to build a distribution network dispatching command and control system that integrates multiple comprehensive services such as preparatory command permit, command permit, maintenance permit and on-site information report. Meanwhile, technologies such as anti-misoperation check and semantic recognition are introduced into the system to improve the security and standardization of dispatching operation business.

              In the process of system construction, the interaction between dispatching system APPs is emphasized, and the timeliness of network command is guaranteed through message queue; in the on-site repetition process, the relevant algorithms are constructed for semantic recognition to ensure the accuracy of the repetition process; according to the anti-misoperation check rules, related algorithms are designed to ensure the security of ticket writing and issuing.

              II. Many forms of permits

              1) The system is integrated and shared with OMS maintenance sheet, personnel management and other modules, which supports the real-time acquisition of OMS maintenance sheet data in the drafting process of power outage permit/power supply permit, thus realizing drafting of one-click associated maintenance sheet and improving the convenience of drafting process.

              2) Based on the increasingly mature ring network diagram of DEC in the field of distribution network master station, the system shares the power grid model, graph and real-time operation information with OCS, develops the function of drawing simulation permit with high practical value, realizes the visualization of drafting link, and supports the whole process from drafting to approval and execution to prevent false locking. The whole process of drafting with scatter diagram is intelligently generated based on GIS model data, which has the characteristics such as standardization, high efficiency and burden alleviation, and has the functions of single-step issuing, intelligent drafting, historical permit generation, reverse intelligent generation, etc. The operation permit generated is subject to anti-misoperation check, power flow check, and operation rule check, and can be intelligently generated by scatter diagram operation instead of manual filling by dispatchers and field personnel.

              III. Mobile network command

              Traditional dispatching commands are issued by telephone, which has shortcomings such as easy homophonic disturbance, busy telephone and striding operation. The dispatching orders need to introduce a new way based on computer network to make up for the shortage of telephone orders, and meet the requirements for timeliness of the integration of regulation and control for dispatching orders. To solve this problem, the system, based on China Southern Power Grid Mobile Application Platform 2.0, overcomes the problems of complicated business data flow (power supply bureau - mobile application platform - Extranet), complicated business processes, etc., thus realizing the transmission and release of preparatory dispatching commands between the upper and lower dispatching centers, and between dispatching and plant stations.


              The command mobile terminal of distribution network is used to receive all kinds of dispatching work permits. With the mobile terminal, the field personnel can return commands, realizing information reaction with the dispatching terminal in real time, and can also complete the application process of all kinds of work permits, improving the convenience and timeliness in maintenance of various lines.


              To improve the standardization and accuracy of command execution, APP introduces semantic recognition algorithm in command repetition, to extract key information in command and adds related interference information. The command receiver needs to manually eliminate interference information to complete command repetition accurately; otherwise, the command repetition fails, and the command receiver cannot continuously execute commands.

              At the same time, based on the construction of the mobile application platform, the system has built maintenance business, arrival report and other modules, enriching the regulation and control form of the power grid dispatching business and improving the comprehensive business capability of the power grid regulation and control system.



              Dispatching command and control is a significant part of the stable operation of power grid, which plays a very important role in the construction of power grid. In the future construction, we will concentrate on building more business systems to improve the management and control quality of power grid regulation and control business based on network architecture, adapting to intelligent development, and using universal equipment and technology.

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